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Our Services
ABR Trust is dedicated to promoting basic education for all. Experience shows that educated people are likely to marry later and have healthier families and greater earning potential. Our projects promote and facilitate discussion between parents, teachers and other members of the community to overcome barriers to education that help keep families mired in poverty. ABR Trust also provides economic incentives and full educational sponsorships to help parents cover the cost of keeping their children in school.
Family must be physically healthy, to be economically healthy. ABR Trust's health projects focus on mothers and children, who often are the most vulnerable to disease and malnutrition. ABR Trust is focused on nutrition, education, birth spacing and clinical services. Our reproductive health projects encompass family planning, prenatal care, labor and delivery services, and the prevention, detection and treatment of STDs, including HIV/AIDS.
Nutrition (Child and Women)
Proper nutrition is vital to a child's healthy development and an adult's ability to work and care for his or her family. Our projects focus on teaching techniques and practices that help prevent malnutrition. These include demonstrating proper breast feeding; educating families and communities about how to cultivate and prepare nutritious food; providing food as part of emergency relief efforts. ABR helps underprivileged families by providing prenatal vitamins necessary for pregnant women.
Water and Sanitation
ABR helps communities build and maintain clean water systems and latrines both directly and through local organizations. Our goal of these efforts is to reduce the health risks of water born diseases and to increase the earning potential of households by saving time otherwise spent gathering water by walking to several miles. ABR Trust also put efforts in educating people about good hygiene habits and risk of illnesses.
Emergency Relief
At ABR Trust we understand that the fight against is never more difficult than in times of crisis. We focus on directly assisting survivors of natural disasters (floods and drought) through both immediate relief and longer-term community rehabilitation, including food, temporary shelter, clean water, sanitation services, and medical care.
Future Activities

1. We are working to setup a Oldage Home for senior citizens who are rejected by their families, or in need of housing and care. A complex consists of a housing facility for Senior citizens, library, clinic and computer lab will be set up in 5 acres.

2. A plan is in place to adopt four villages medically from backward region of Andhra Pradesh. A complete free health care will be provided to people who cannot afford health care for most common diseases. We are working with physicians in USA and India to make this project successful

Recent Activities

We have worked on several projects with various organizations in the areas of education, health care and senior care areas.

1.   Full Educational Sponsorship for 4 Engineering      Students (4 years)
2.   Collaboration with Eye Clinic, A.P.
3.   DVR Trust, Hyderabad/Mahaboobnagar, AP
5.   Distribution of Faceshields for frontline workers during Covid times in Chicago      
6.   Individual Educational Sponsorships
Contact Us
Email: info@abrtrust.org, www.abrtrust.org